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Timing - Mary Calmes More detailed review to come.

Because. Boyoy. There are so many things wrong with this book. Over the top, past and beyond belief, a ton of clichés, ridiculous characters and overall plot.

And while reading it I actually marked passages and made notes on my Kindle! Which I never ever do. So that right there is evidence enough as to the ridiculousness of this book.

It really is like Mary Calmes only knows how to write one character (Jory) and one story.
And this particular book feels like she had to make due with a cast of characters and a plot that were not her own (& that she had nothing to do with and were "unloaded" on her) and then try to match both unfitting puzzle pieces together.

Like: Okay. Plot device #1: Grave danger & "murder mystery", MC#1 needs to be getting shot to add a life or death situation... -So who of the other given characters (non of which fit the bill) might be the least unsuited for that part? Okay. Yes, let's take his boss. And so on.

I was honestly wondering if that was the case. Because why would any author do such a disservice to themselves and create characters and plots that don't fit together? Or is it just like Mary Calmes needs to incorporate certain plot devices in her story, come hell or high water.

Thank heavens that I got this book for free on amazon.

Now excuse me, I've got some studying for upcoming exams/midterms to do & this short review became way longer than intended...