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A Walk Through Fire - Felice Stevens

Currently at the 70% mark. Status update too long for the "update box", so I'll rant here instead:
(Also: Not sure if I'm willing to finish the book, at this point. So for now, this is a DNF for me...)

1.5 stars

So. Much. Drama. & Angst. (So bloody much!)
And dude, Drew, what's with always repeating that you're not gay (although it's okay! Your best friend Jordan is gay too, after all. It's true!) but when touching Ash... It just. Feels sooooo right. You fit like two puzzle pieces....
It's like coming home. Like finding your other half.... Like [insert any other puke inducing schmalzy thing].
YES. Got it. Check!

To say it with Eric Northman:

But now, you're "together". But Ash is so just broken on the inside, as your gran (great judge of character, that woman, it's true) said he was... And she was right. Yeah Drew, we get it. Childhood drama is bad. We are all feeling bad for him. (Don't get me wrong, abuse, rape even, totally is the fucking worst & nobody should ever have to live through it, much less a child.)
But boy, here it's just another tragic element of the book to justify the "asshole & player" on the outside, but oh, on the inside, once you get to know Ash, he's just a victim of tragedy and pain and suffering...

The whole book is quite over the top. Just. Idk. I could hardly read a page without making a scathing note or marking a stupid sentence or paragraph on my kindle... Or LOLing because. It's just too bloody much.

Well. here's a unicorn for you, maybe it'll make you feel better (or not. Because, yap, even the unicorn can't take it anymore & is judging you..)

Sorry, rant over.
ETA: Or not, sorry. Because I did finish the book after all. And can I just ask: Are they bloody serious? I mean, really?! As if there wasn't enough draaaaama in the book already, no, sir, they had to add a death, i.e. murder to the mix??? Sorry. NO. I mean, why? Tragedy not bad enough already? Or was it simply another of those 'tragic elements'/instruments to make Jordan see the errors of his overbearing ways? Because, there was no other possible way this character could've realised that he acted like a wanker, albeit a well-meaning one???

That seriously takes 'Over The Top' to a whole new level. If buckets, no, bathtubs full of drama & tragedy are your thing, don't mind me and this added section...

I probably need to add that I got this book for free. Freebies are always great. Thank you, author, for providing readers with such an opportunity.
And also, many readers have loved the book. And it totally isn't the worst I've read. I mean, the writing is solid. (Besides the characters' repeating inner monologues, it was good.) But I just couldn't empathise with the characters. And considering that these two MCs, especially Ash, experienced horrible things during their childhood, I'd say that that is not a point in favour of the book. At all. It was just too much. Too over the top.
But this is just me. Plenty of people thought differently, I guess.