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We Were Emergencies - gyzym Meh. This was so not what I was expecting... Gyzym is actually one of my favourite fanfic authors out there... But this was disappointing.
The Clint and Natasha who I know from the Avengers movies and from other fanfics are fun, very capable in what they're doing, dangerous & even frightening and slightly creepy because they could kill you within seconds -- what am I talking about? -- milliseconds.

This, though, was one big, giant drama-fest. Like drama. I mean just take a look at the 2nd Captain America film: the Black Widow at her very best. Snarky even. And what do we get here, instead? A Black Widow who is all but crippled with past traumas, has severe trust issues (even in Barton and herself) and is generally a total mess. Fragile. Needs to be handled with kid gloves when it comes to all things regarding feelings and emotions and friendship and trust.

And then there's Barton: a wreck. Which, okay, I can get behind because this fics takes place mere weeks after the whole Loki debacle. But it was all just too much on the draaaama, PTSD, and issues.
On top of that: every and all dialogue between Natasha and Barton consisted almost solely of interrupted, broken-off and incoherent sentences and stuttering. So very annoying. Yes, this was deliberate on part of the author, probably in order to visualise their inability to talk about feelings and to express themselves. But during the whole fic? All the time? Always? Nope.

Like I said, one big drama fest with Barton and Romanoff being nothing like in the movies.