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Cronin's Key

Cronin's Key - N.R. Walker DNF @ 42%.
Can't finish this, though I tried my damnedest.

But god was I bored to tears.

And gawd! All this (never-ending) stupidity!


While the book starts at least somewhat intriguing it soon shows its true colours, which could be best summed up with "wtf did I just read?".
The trope (or its execution – in hindsight I can't really decide between the 2, ...probably both?), is mind-numbingly dull & dumb. Oh so bloody stupid. Ridiculous. And so bad.

Detective Alec MacAidan's reaction to the shocking events and to the total turn his life has taken is not at all believable. And his acceptance of everything new and weird comes way too fast. But that's just one of 100 problems I had with this book.

Sorry, this was total miss for me. Because I really, really hated everything about the book. The trope, the 'plot', the characters. All the eye-rolling in the world wouldn't be enough to get me through this mess. So I did the smart thing and quit (while I still could).^^

I'm really quite glad that I got this book for free on amazon, so there's at least no ill-spent money to be disappointed by & to feel angry about.

If you happen to be a sucker for vampires (haha, see what I did there?) and like the whole 'destined to be together/mate'-trope (and aren't bothered by insta-everything), please don't listen to me. Chances are you'll end up loving this book. Who knows?