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When to Hold Them

When to Hold Them - G.B. Gordon ***Minor spoilers ahead***

Hmm. What to say? Well.

I was far from impressed with this book. Even despite there being some kind of suspense and kind of a 'life-and-death' situation near the end there I was bored.
And even despite the sex being less vanilla and more on the kinky side I found myself skipping them altogether fairly early on.

The characters were just so ... bland. Yes, the author tried to give them a not totally normal/typical background--a gambling addiction and problems with a loan shark on the one hand and growing up as a gay person of colour in a small town and having a mother struggling with hemiparesis after a stroke on the other hand. And still. Their characterisation felt merely superficial.

It just wasn't for me, I guess. The many sex scenes didn't help either.
And I didn't feel the romance part on top of that. Doran starts out lusting after Xavier, gets together with him and is still just the equivalent of a lusting teenager with a crush. Idk. There's hardly any character development to speak of. Just, meh.