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A Casual Weekend Thing - A.J.  Thomas

How this book managed to get that many high rating? -Yeah. No idea whatsoever..

The MCs, I give them that, wanted for all intents and purposes to seem like they were these 3-dimensional, almost jumping-out-the-page, intriguing guys, coming to life in front of tue readers eyes.

But I never quite bought it. It just wasn't there, was simply missing.
Merely telling the reader that a character is flawed, kind of damaged and has major issues... well, even I can do that. It's not enough.
The art is to let the reader get to know a MC without simply stating character traits. 
Maybe than one, as a reader, would be able to bond with them, instead of having utterly indifferent feelings towards them, as was the case with me.

And let's not talk about the mystery element. One word: predictable. Sorry. This story and me? It just wasn't meant to be.