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Cinder - Marie Sexton I liked the general idea of the book--you should know that I'm secretly a sucker for fairy tales, newly interpreted or original. ;)One film that is and will always be one of my favourites (at least, when I'm in the mood for something girly and romantic, which, admittedly isn't all that often) is Ever After (A Cinderella Story) with Drew Barrymore. So, understandably, I was quite curious about this CinderFella story...It's unfortunately rather short and the plot lacks depth. The story is sweet and enjoyable, but I've hoped for more complications, obstacles or twists, I guess. Especially the fact that the Prince does not only fall in love with a servant, but with a guy should have caused at least some trouble. But it didn't really. The only complication, really, was for Eldon Cinder to find the courage to reveal to the Prince that the girl he's looking for is actually him.I certainly expected more, erm, drama, but it's all rather light and, IMO, it seems like it often merely scratches the surface of a story that could have been very good.