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Dumb Jock - Jeffrey A. Erno It's really difficult to rate this book. It was better than most of the other books that I gave 3 stars, but definitely not as good as 4 stars...That's why I decided to actually write a review, so that you guys know that I'm giving "Dumb Jock" 3.5 stars.This is now the second book by Jeff Erno I read and I have to say Erno obviously likes his stories with great tragedy. Again, we have a boy who doesn't really fit in, who is rather small, unconfident and physically weak, who is a geek - who all in all is not really "manly" and can be considered an outcast in highschool.Jeff Irwin is the name of the boy in this story. Jeff gets blackmailed (by the footbal coach) to tutor the star quarterback in English grammar in order to help this "dumb jock" to finally pass Mr Litzenfowler's class. What he didn't expect at all was to fall head over heels in love with Brett, said "dumb jock".What I didn' like that much, is the unbalanced nature of the relationship that develops between the two unlike boys. From the very beginning Jeff is very submissive, does everything that is expected of him. Jeff is all but an equal partner and friend to Brett. He is the "loyal pup", through and through. Brett can do to him whatever he wants without having to be afraid of losing him.And often enough, Brett does exactly that.On the other hand, we see the loving and loyal side of Brett, too: When he comforts Jeff in front of everybody (all his jock friends) in gym class, when he supports Jeff during his mother's death.Sometimes, Brett's character felt a bit uneven to me.I did not really like this unequal dynamic between the both of them. Maybe it's just me, but any relationship, in which one can do almost anything to the other, doesn't feel right. But I have to admit, it's not Brett I have a problem with (even though he behaves like a jerk at times) - it's Jeff. I can understand, that he doesn't feel up to confront anyone who doesn't do right by him because of his lack of physical height and strength. But Jeff rather behaves like he doesn't have any self-respect at all - and as far as I did get Jeff Erno (author) right, this book isn't about Jeff's lack of self esteem.I mean, Jeff even likes being Brett's loyal pup, being the one who obeys.But then, he's still very young (14) and naive.Furthermore, all the tragedy and bad things Jeff has to endure during this story is a bit over the top, at least in my opinion.And from time to time, I had to skip some pages that felt unnecessarily stretched, e.g. the description of Jeff's mother's death.Having read 3/4 of the book, I almost decided not to end the book, but I'm glad that I did, because the end is very beautiful. Brett finally "grows a pair" and with his admission of being gay and being in love with Jeff, his days of treating Jeff as he pleases are finally over.Altogether, it was a nice enough read (even though you might not get this impression by my review ;) ), so go ahead and buy the book :)