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The Sorcerer and the King - winterhill This was actually quite interesting. In the beginning Merlin gets burned at the stake because Uther Pendragon somehow found out about Merlin being a sorcerer. And soon everything else starts to crumble: Camelot is defeated and a new King reigns--the Sorcerer-King. Now everyone who doesn't have magic isn't worth much anymore, besides being servants of those with magic. This is Arthur's new place in his former kingdom as well. He's only a mere servant--and the sorcerers have their methods to force him to comply.When there are rumours about a new sorcerer, more powerful than any other sorcerer who lives (Who could that be? - Right: Merlin), the Sorcerer-King wants him to join his kingdom. But what he didn't expect is that this sorcerer is as far away from joining him as Uther is. It is, indeed, very interesting to see Merlin's (I know, it should be obvious since this is a Merlin/Arthur fanfic^^) and Arthur's roles reversed. Artur now being not just a mere servant, but Merlin's servant, who now lives in Artur's old chambers.I have to admit that I'm not really sure if the MCs are really all that true to character. Arthur's, IMO, too accepting in regard to his new place at Camelot. He, of course, hopes and wishes to get Camelot back, to become king, but he really doesn't put up that much of a fight. Especially the psychological effects in that regard are a bit lacking..After having been killed and betrayed by Arther, Merlin is a somewhat changed man. He isn't this cheerful and rebellious person, who likes to talk back at his master(?), as before. He seems more serious, although he usually offers Arthur a smile.He's different, yes, but after his experiences they are believable. But, we all know that Merlin is a kind-hearted person who'd do anything for Arthur. Nonetheless, I would've liked Merlin to hold a grudge against Arthur, at least in the beginning.Futhermore, the relationship between the 2 MC's is somewhat sudden. There's not much sexual tension between them, IMO, and then, suddenly, they're an item. It wasn't all that believable...The general plot idea was good, though.