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I ❤ reading. Once started I don't seem to be able to stop. Many sleepless nights are the result of that particular addiction.^^ 

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There Are No Wolves in California

There Are No Wolves in California - DiscontentedWinter Knowing-- going in-- that this is a tragic, sad story I kinda managed to read this totally detached and therefore without having any emotions whatsoever.

Which ok, might destroy the whole experience..
But honestly? I am glad that I managed said emotionless state, because otherwise I'd have cried rivers full of tears. I kid you not. Rivers.

I would have made Justin Timberlake proud.

Since I didn't even shed a tear, I can gladly tell you that I didn't have to suffer through the major headache that would have consequently followed the whole cry me a river affair...
Okay. That's actually a lie... Let's call it: I didn't worsen the headache I've actually had for days now, what with being tied to the bed with all flu-related symptoms there are--fever & sinusitis and all--for almost 2 weeks now.

You see. My secret superhero ability (to read all feeeelz-free, in case that wasn't clear already^^) saved me from pain! Doubly so. Yeah.

4 stars for a this wonderfully executed, tragic story and this very original AU-idea. ♥